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Data Management Activity

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Data Management Group Assignment

In groups of 2 (or can work alone):

1. Create a survey or questionnaire with 6-8 questions on YOUR CHOICE of topic.

(ex. sports, music, television, video games, books, shopping, etc.)


- make sure you have a variety of questions and response types


 ex. What is your favourite type of movie? (multiple choice)


          ⭌Comedy ⭌Action ⭌Horror ⭌Drama ⭌Other:__________


       How many movies do you watch each month on average? (numeric response)


          ⭌0 ⭌1-2 ⭌3-4 ⭌5-6 ⭌7 or more


       Who is your favourite actor/actress? (open response)



* use SurveyMonkey.com for online surveys

or Microsoft Word or Google Documents to create paper surveys/questionnaires

2. Gather data from at least 15 different people.

3. Analyze your data by creating a variety of graphs (pie, bar, line, etc.) from the responses of

each question.  


SurveyMonkey will generate graphs for you or use a spreadsheet (Google Docs or MS Excel)

4. In what ways is your survey biased?  

Which group(s) is the survey likely biased in favour of?


Which group(s) is the survey likely biased against?


How could you minimize this bias?

5. Find the mean OR median OR mode for EACH question.

6. Find secondary data for 1 question to compare your results.
(i.e. search online for another survey that asked the same question your group asked)

7. Prepare a presentation (using Google Presentation, Prezi, or MS PowerPoint) to present to your


CLICK HERE to try Mr. Dorotheo's Technology Survey!


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